Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Flash..Robot Museum

The Robot Museum in Central Sakae,Nagoya City opened late last year.The photos show two of the Museum's resident robots.Merchandise is on sale which features both Nico(the blue robot) and the oddly named Laugh Rough,the orange robot.They sit on each side of one of the entrances to the Museum.


K.W.Wan said...

Just reading the katakana below the orange robot. It reads as "rafu rafu" and it's weird how they have interpreted it as Laugh Rough.

Maybe they're talking the piss out of the way they can't distingush between L and R sounds?

Any more robots on display? Notice there's an R2-D2 behind Nico...

tim said...

Hey Kwok yeah theres a display of old Japanese metal wind up robots,an art deco Metropolis Fritz Lang robot,a life size Atom Boy and other well known robots.
You cant actually photo or video as the place is swarming with staff and there are signs in Japanese and English prohibiting it,though it didnt stop one geek from trying.
I'll write more on Monday. Check the photos on the Flickr badge on this blog page or my flickr page for more robot pics taken from outside the Museum.