Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Flash..Uncoy Koi

Japanese Koi 2
Originally uploaded by pookie_san99.
Last Sunday morning I cycled down to Shirotori Koen.An oasis of spongy lawn and ponds.There are some 1,500 trees within the grounds.Too early yet for them to be sporting fully their fall finery.
Late November or early December would be better.
The overfed koi(carp) were eagerly elbowing and barging each other greedily as green fish pellets rained down on them from visitors fifty yen cups.
Slurping,gulping noisily.Their scales reflecting the color of the leaves above them.


The Goldfish Guy said...

Wow, those are some beautiful koi!
That would have been nice to see them come feeding time. That's something I really want to do is go to Japan to see the koi there and buy some. You guys have the best koi hands down!

Beautiful koi photo! Thanks for sharing.


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish and Koi Guy

tim said...

Thanks for your comments Jamie.As I wrote you can buy a small cup of fish food yourself at Shirotori Garden and feed the koi..a pleasant way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.