Monday, January 23, 2006

Crime and Punishment

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What with the weather remaining poor and nothing to tempt me at the video store I`ve been concentrating on finishing Dostoyevskys "Crime and Punishment". Lugging this tome around with me for the last two months or so.I dont think my feeble efforts to put my thoughts on paper can do it any justice.A massive novel of some 656 odd pages.Not a difficult read thanks to the accessible translation and detailed notes.I did sometimes confuse the Russian names which required some back-tracking and re-reading.
The "Crime" itself is graphically described while the
"Punishment" appears to be the central characters suffering and paranoia after the act.
On a deeper level the book is a study of science and religion.Morals and Politics.Family and Society.Set in a changing Russia.Much to ponder and digest.
Originally I wouldnt have bothered reading it.Seemed an onerous task akin to a school assignment....But, because its been referred to and used as a source of inspiration by many people in various fields(most recently I came across it in "The Machinist) I felt compelled to read it.If not for enjoyment then as a chance to beat back my walls of ignorance.I may well have missed the deeper philosphical points but Im glad I made the effort.

Sumo Round Up
The first sumo tournament of the year ended last Sunday.There were a few surprises in the last week.
Asashoryu who was heavily favoured to win (see last weeks entry) fell to a total of 11 wins/4 losses.
The winner of the tournament and Emperors Cup was ozeki Tochiazuma who beat Asa on the final day and ended with an impressive 14 win/1 loss result.
To be fair, Asashoryu had suffered an injury in an earlier bout and was severely restricted in his last fights.
The newly promoted ozeki Kotooshu also ended with a winning record and will be looking to improve.
Hopefully Tochiazuma will press on and if he wins the next basho should be promoted to the rank of yokozuna.

Rock Me Amaedus
Wolfgang Amaedus Mozart is a very popular classic composer in Japan.2006 marks the 250th anniversary of his birth.(1756-1791).His actual birthday is on January 27th.
There are numerous concerts planned throughout the year here.Many of his operas such as "The Marriage of Figaro" will be performed.As well as various concertos, quartets and sonatas.In Tokyo theres apparently something thats called the Japan Mozart Research Institute.It will be holding concerts and lectures.
Also in Tokyo this year concerts will focus not only on Mozart but also composers of his era such as Salieri and Haydn...

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