Monday, November 07, 2005

Making an Exhibition of Oneself...the sequel

Monday November 7 2005

Well its over.Done.This years Foreign Artists Exhibition in Nagoya ended with a party in the Annex Hall of the International Centre last night.I had a few beers.Ate some food.Talked with some of the assembled artists and their friends.Nodded politely to others.Picked up my certificate acknowledging my participation.

One Mans Porn is Anothers Scorn
The exhibition ran from last Tuesday to Sunday.I went along on Friday for a few hours to mingle with the masses.Glory in my new found fame.Bask in the warmth of adulation....I met some of my fellow exhibitors.
Roy had a few pen and ink sketches,a couple of pieces of sculpture and three nude photo studies of a Vietnamese prostitute in a hotel on show.
One of the other exhibitors had considered the photos "exploitation".He justified the photos to me in a long tirade.Delivered in a loud,strident voice.His arguments heard by all in the display hall.I tried to interupt.Ask technical questions.About lighting
Ask about the hotel where he took the photos.Inquire about Vietnam.Anything to stop him using the words "tits" and "pussy".Repeatedly.
Personally I didnt find the photos pornographic or exploitation or even offensive.The poses so I reliably informed are similiar to those found in Playboy magazine.Nothing explicit.I thought the photos were kind of dated.Vaguely sad.As Roy himself said he'd paid her the equivalent of a nights work "about 10 guys worth" just to pose.Who was exploiting who I thought.
An interesting guy more than ready to share his views on any number of topics.

In contrast to the effusive Roy I also met a rather aloof serious American woman.She bore the name of Tullah May Terrell.Sounds like a Kurt Vonnegut character.She was propped up against a wall near her display.Some mixed media stencilled prints.I managed to prise out of her that she was from upstate Washington.Had a BFA and had been in Nagoya 1.5 years.Short terse answers to personal quetions.I swear I wasnt trying to pick her up.Though I duly noted she was in possession of rather attractive perky nose.A bit more forthcoming and animated when talking about her art and art.
As with Roy an interesting person and character a contrast from those i normally associate with.

Overall I enjoyed the exhibition.A bit scary putting stuff out there for public criticism.Nonetheless a chance to meet new people.An oppurtunity to discuss stuff I wouldnt ordinarily such as the drying times of acrylic paint,the perils of humidity and the rainy season.Or the hierarchy of art and whether photography can be considered an "art".

Now Im One
Started this blog last November.Thought I wouldnt have enough to write about.Not the case.Sometimes the opposite.
Since getting my own connection some two weeks ago Ive randomly sampled blogs on blogger and other hosts.Some are updated daily.Frankly I dont have the time.Besides I dont do enough to warrant a daily update.Im just not that exciting.

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words....
One thing I noticed while randomly sampling blogs was that the more attractive, eyecatching ones had some pictures or illustrations on them.Not necessary better or well-informed but the photos etc broke up the banks and walls of print.Justified more than a cursory glance.
So to mark the year Im going to try to post some relevant photos on the blog.Relevant to the subject Im writing.Other photos should be accessible at my newly created flickr
I purchased a Sony digital camera on the advice of one of the guys at the exhibition.5.1 pixels.All the bells and whistles.Still trying to work out how to fully utilise its potential.
Being a Luddite of the first order the last few weeks have been a steep learning curve.Almost vertical.First the purchase of an Apple G4.Getting to grips with an entirely new operating system.Then the installation of an internet connection.Trying to master the idiosyncrasies of an Apple non-friendly environment.Finally the purchase and operation of a digital camera.Trying to load photos from the camera to the computer and then importing or is it exporting them???
If nothing else Im trying to conquer my fear of new technology.Putting off mental stagnation.Attempting to arrest atrophy.
Frustrating.Sometimes.Rewarding.Frequently.This blog represents those attempts and efforts.
So the first photo shows my collection of paper mache brains I displayed at the Foreign Artists Exhibition in Nagoya last week.

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