Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My first post.23 November 2004

Tuesday 23 November 2004. Why Blog?
Several people recently read some things that I'd written and suggested I make my thoughts more widely available so here goes...criticism and feedback is welcome contact me at pookie_san99@hotmail.com.

The odd rant,music,books,videos dvds Ive seen,read,listened to.Things I`m interested in such as sumo,paper mache,Scunthorpe United Football Club,the Vancouver Island Marmot...(Canada`s most endangered animal) and other bits and pieces that occupy the 650,000 odd hours I`m here on Earth.

Why `Porcelain Monkey`?...indeed why ..its one of my favorite Warren Zevon songs from his 2002 album `Life`ll Kill Ya`.Of Mr Zevon much more soon...

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